The Division of Student Affairs enhances learning and strengthens the educational experience of Oregon State University students.

Everything we do is student driven. We impact students’ health and well-being, cultivate academic success through advising and support services, guide students in their career exploration and empower students to become leaders. Through our programs and services, we foster diverse, inclusive communities. We create networks of support that help students persist on their educational paths and graduate with the confidence and skills to build a better future.
Student Experience Website
This is the time for students to explore and grow into leaders. Engage in life-changing experiences that will challenge their viewpoints, expand their thinking and strengthen their resolve to create positive change. OSU is here to guide and support students, to help them persist on their educational paths and graduate with the skills and confidence to navigate their futures.
OSU Experience
This website serves as a one-stop resource for students — connecting them to out-of-classroom engagement opportunities, academic support and wellness services.
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Alumni and Community Involvement
Student affairs is dedicated to each student's success, from their first year at Oregon State to their lives post-graduation. We care about our students, supporting their well-being, fostering inclusive communities, helping students persist on their educational paths and preparing them for professional success. We make a difference in students' lives — help us increase our impact.
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Alumni and community members impact students' lives by giving their time and talent. You are invited to engage — learn how you can support students.
EOP students and staff at the beach
EOP Celebrates 50th Anniversary
The Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) has been supporting underrepresented students at Oregon State for 50 years. To celebrate EOP’s anniversary and many successes, donors can contribute to the EOP50 campaign and help EOP50 prepare for the next 50 years.
Enhancing Student Success

The Educational Opportunities Program has played an important role in supporting underrepresented students on campus for 50 years. Discover their impact.

OSU Craft Center Offers Free Membership and Stress Management
The Craft Center provides a positive environment for OSU community members to express their unique creativity, and this year students are provided free membership. The center offers instructional classes for artists of all skill levels and facilitates engagement with different artistic media, like woodworking, glass, fiber arts, digital art and ceramics.
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Students explore passions and express creativity in the OSU Craft Center. Check out what this year’s free membership offers.
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Hosted by Counseling and Psychological Services, students celebrated World Mental Health Day with a week of activities that promoted mental well-being. Oregon State continues to find ways of supporting students and create a culture of caring by expanding mental health resources and training opportunities.
Transformative Learning Experiences
The division offers many opportunities for students to engage. Learn how World Mental Health Day at OSU inspired students to talk about mental health and create a culture of caring.
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OSU Working to Provide for Student Needs
Food and housing insecurity are deeply troubling issues for the Division of Student Affairs, as stated by Vice Provost for Student Affairs Dan Larson in a recent op-ed for the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Learn how OSU is working to combat these problems for students and how you might get involved.
No student should have to choose between textbooks and groceries. Oregon State University is working to combat food insecurity for our students through a yearlong campaign, Beavers Fight Hunger.
Link to story about students winning first place at the College Media Association
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At the College Media Association Awards, the OSU student-run podcast "Making Waves" won first place in the Best Podcast category. The podcast is a collaboration between the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center and KBVR-FM. Orange Media Network also took home three other prizes at the national award ceremony.
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Read Division Stories
OSU students are ambitious and driven. They're passionate and innovative. They're social and principled. They take on challenges, overcome obstacles, support one another and better the world. Read their stories and how the Division of Student Affairs supports them.
Division Stories
The division is doing great things here at OSU and creating a difference. Check out our achievements and initiatives in our division stories that demonstrate the broad focus of our departments and centers.  


In keeping with Oregon State University’s commitment to help reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, many future events will be canceled, postponed or held remotely. Please note that during this period of rapidly shifting circumstances these changes may not be reflected in the event listings below.